Learn Tajweed with Yasir Qadhi- (Episodes 21-25)

The Noble Emissaries (As-Safara Al-Keram):

Episode 21 -- Rules of Madd IV:

Real Sukoon After Madd

Madd Lazim Kalimi (mandatory, one word; real, permanent sukoon after madd) -- 6 harakas
*proper sukoon -- only one word in the entire Qur'an, occurs twice in Surah Yunus, Ch. 10 vv.51, 91:
*shaddah -- indicates that there are two of that letter, the first with a sukoon, followed by the same letter with a haraka.

Episode 22 -- Rules of Madd V

Madd as-Sillah (Connecting Madd) -- refers to masculine pronoun of third person (for example, his book,
كتابه), sounds similar to the و vowel sound
*If either letter before or after it is silent, no madd
*If letter before is not silent, and after it is hamza, then 2, 4, or 5 harakas
*If letter before is not silent, and after it is any letter besides hamza, only 2 harakas

Episode 23 -- Rules of Madd VI

Madd al-Lazim al-Harfi (al-Muqata'aat, the Abbreviated Letters)
*only pronounce name, no madd:
*madd of 2 harakas:
ح ي ط ه ر
*madd of 6 harakas:
ن ق ص ع س ل ك م

Episode 24 -- Special Types of Idghaam I

*Any time a silent letter is followed by the same letter, idghaam occurs. If that letter happens to be a
ن or م, a ghunnah occurs as well.
* 2 Letters with Close Makhaarij:
ر ل, ل gets dropped; ق ك, first letter gets dropped

Episode 25 -- Special Types of Idghaam:
Letters of Similar Characteristics
ذ followed by ظ; drop the ذ
تfollowed by د; drop the ذ
ت followed by ط; drop the ذ
د followed by ت; drop the د
ب followed by م; drop the ب
ث followed by ذ; drop the ث
ط followed by ت; drop the ت

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