Assallamu Alaykom wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuhu

LOVE , this wonderful amazing feeling, is the essence of life... the best and the sweetest thing that makes life bearable and lovable...

I can't describe it as better as Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim; may Allah bless His soul and be pleased with him; in his amazing book “The Garden of the Lovers and the Excursion of Those Who Yearn”= Rawdah al-Muhibbeen wa Nuzhah al-Mushtaqeen!!! :
Imam Junayd said, “I heard al-Harith al-Muhasibi say: “Love (mahabbah) is your inclination to something with all of your being. It is your preference to that thing over your own self, your soul and your possessions and wealth. It is also your being in accordance with that thing inwardly and outwardly, privately and publicly. Then comes realizing your shortcomings with regards to your love of it.”

It was said, “Love (mahabbah) is a fire that burns in the heart. It burns everything other than what the beloved wants from the lover.” It was also said, “Nay, it is exerting all efforts in pleasing the beloved. And such can never be so until one no longer sees the ‘love’ itself anymore, but only witnesses the beloved.” It is mentioned in some of the Hadith Qudsi, “My servant, I am, by your right, a lover of you. So, be you, by my right upon you, a lover of Me.”

Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak said, “Whomsoever is given something of love and is not given its equivalent of awe and veneration (khashyah), then he is deceived.”

Yahya ibn Mu’adh said, “A muster seed’s amount of love is more beloved to me than seventy years of worship without love!”

Abu Bakr Al-Kattânî said, “An issue concerning love (mahabbah) came up in Makkah during the days of the Pilgrimage. The sheikhs spoke on the matter. Junayd was present and he was the youngest amongst them. So they said to him, ‘Give us what you have O Iraqi!’ He lowered his head in humility and his eyes shed tears, and he spoke: ‘(How great is) a slave who has left himself, connected to the dhikr of his Lord, upholding His rights, witnessing Him with his heart. The lights of His Essence have burned his heart and his drink is pure from the cup of His pure love. If such a one speaks, it is by Allah. If he utters, it is from Allah. If he moves, it is by the command of Allah. If he remains silent, he is with Allah. So he is by Allah, for Allah and with Allah.’ So the sheikhs cried and said, “There is nothing that can be added to this. May Allah rectify you, O Tâj Al-‘ârifîn (crown of those who know Allah)!”
May Allah grant us His love and the love of His lovers..

~ Ferdaous~

Bouquet Of Flowers

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