♣✽♣ Blessings ♣✽♣


By Irfan Haifiz
I was a kid playing,
Running, jumping and riding
The childhood that i was enjoying
Who would have liked it go missing?
Ya ALLAH! I wasn’t aware of your blessings

I walked but my gait was getting strange
I ran but I came last without finishing the race
I sat but it was getting hard to get up from that place
My mind was too little to comprehend
His wisdom behind everything
That was being unveiled in my life
With no clues about anything
I spent my childhood without any grief

When walking was getting difficult and hard
You had blessed me with a brother,
Who was loving and caring
To take me to the school on bicycle
Till you wished that it was time
For me to rest at home on quadricycle

When breathing was getting arduous and severe
You made me realize your indescribable blessing
Which You had granted me through your mercy
When I inhaled and exhaled the air
Without any effort, did I even feel to care?
Ya ALLAH the ventilator you gifted
Gives me a new life with every respiratory problems shifted
And helps me keep a hope in my life lifted
When sitting was becoming stiff and painful
And when it became almost impossible
You made me appreciate your tremendous blessing
Which you had bestowed upon me to be seated
Whenever I wanted, wherever my mind wished
Ya ALLAH I felt relieved and comfortable
When you decreed that it was time
For me to spend my life in bed

When life became complicated and excruciating
With all the throbbing and soreness
Because of the bed-sores and bleeding
You made me ponder over the blessing
Which you had granted me
The skin with free from sores and aches
Ya ALLAH! You are the All-Hearer All-Knower
You heard my cries and weeps
You blessed me with the magical tablet “Lisinopril”
Easing my hardships and twinges,
Healing my sores and vanishing my pains

When my sight was constrained only to four walls
When my movements confined only to my bed
You let me know the value of your blessing
When I was a kid, you had given me the strength
To play, run, jump and ride my bicycle
To see the trees waving and birds chirping
To feel the fresh wind that blew across was so pleasing
Ya ALLAH you are the most extremely merciful
And intensively merciful
You showed the way for me to go out
At last I could view your glorious creations
I was longing to get a glimpse of high mountains
I was dreaming to get a glance of scene of greenery
SubhanALLAH I remembered you and glorified you
When I beheld all your magnificent creations
When I saw through the window of the van I travelled with bed
Ya ALLAH my outing reminded me of the greatest abode
Beneath which rivers flow, the garden of bliss
This is my sole purpose and hope of living as the clock ticks

Ya ALLAH! You have blessed me with parents
Who are best in their love and care
At a time when this world witnesses
The cruelty of abandoning their child
Behaving like an animal in the wild

When I was in awe for making friends
Since I had no one to be called as my pals
Even though I had class mates
Who paid no care to visit their forgotten old friend
Ya ALLAH! You granted me the access for the Internet
You helped me find great people with many interests
You aided me to distinguish the people
Who are frank and fake

Ya ALLAH As I have transformed to a matured man
You have blessed me with the knowledge
To perceive the true wisdom behind
All the trials and tests are just to make my soul
Pure and make sure that I am perfectly ready
To win the greatest reward from you
For all the patience I have endured
In this temporary abode

I’ve been waiting and waiting for just one more thing
It is till I get the glad tidings
From my Rabb through the Angel of Death
About the call of my return to whom I belong 

May Allah grant you more patience & reward you paradise that He has promised to give to those who patience...Allah (SW) says: “Those who patiently persevere will truly receive a reward without measure!"  (39:10). In another verse Allah says: “And because they were patient and constant, He will reward them with a Garden and (garments of) silk.”(76:12)

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